KRFC 88.9 FM Welcomes

Better Than Ezra

All Ages
Wednesday, August 02, 2023
Door: 6pm | Show: 7pm

Better Than Ezra with Opening Act TBA

The best songs, records, and bands transport you back to the first moment you heard them each and every time they play. 

Whether you caught a house party gig after Better Than Ezra formed in 1988 at Louisiana State University, heard “Good” on the radio once it hit #1 during 1995, became a fan following Taylor Swift’s famous cover of “Breathless” in 2010, or saw them headlining sheds in 2018, you most likely never forgot that initial introduction to the New Orleans quartet founded by Kevin Griffin [lead vocals, guitar, piano] and Tom Drummond [bass, backing vocals].

Those hummable melodies, unshakable guitar riffs, and confessional lyrics quietly cemented the group as an enduring force in rock music. How many acts can boast being the inspiration of a classic Saturday Night Live skit? 

Very few. 

Along the way, they launched the Better Than Ezra Foundation ( in order to support their hometown. Chaired by Drummond, its charity endeavors span coastal restoration projects, after school programs for underprivileged kids, and more. Since 2008, it has raised over $1.7 million for causes throughout greater New Orleans. 

The outlet wrote, “So many of that decade’s most influential, like supernovas, burned up fast… New Orleans alternative rock trio Better Than Ezra defied those odds.”

In the end, you’ll never forget the songs on Deluxe or any other release from their discography—and that’s better than anything.